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University Traveler Value of Potential Real-Time Transit Information

Abstract: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have become common in public transit systems, particularly providing real-time transit information. For new implementations, it remains difficult to predict and quantify system and user benefits of technology implementation. Although previous studies have quantified the

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Traveler Responses to Real-Time Transit Passenger Information Systems

Abstract: In recent years, a considerable amount of money has been spent on Real-time Transit Passenger Information Systems (RTPISs), which provide timely and accurate transit information to current and potential riders to enable them to make better pre-trip and en-route

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Evaluation of a bus passenger information system from the users’ point of view in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece

Abstract: This paper presents an evaluation, from the users’ point of view, of an advanced Bus Passenger Real Time Information System, installed at the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. In addition to the methodological approach and the findings presented, the paper

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Global Positioning System Integrated with Personalized Real-Time Transit Information from Automatic Vehicle Location

Abstract: Navigating the transit system can be a major obstacle for attracting new riders, especially for special needs populations and tourists. For those with cognitive disabilities (approximately 14.3 million Americans, or 6% of the population), it is especially daunting to

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A Stated Preference Analysis of Real-Time Public Transit Stop Information

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a study conducted to examine the benefits derived from real-time public transit stop information. This research examines the preferences between several options of receiving real-time public transit stop information. The literature states that

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Ease-of-Use in Public Transportation – A User Perspective on Information and Orientation Aspects

Abstract: This interdisciplinary thesis combines psychological and transportation planning knowledge. Three main questions are investigated: 1) What concepts and ideas do people have with regard to a public transportation system (cognitive user perspective)?; 2) What orientation and information factors within

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Examination of traveler responses to real-time information about bus arrivals using panel data

Abstract: In recent years, a considerable amount of money has been spent on ITS projects for public transportation, most notably real-time transit information systems. Strikingly few studies to date have been completed to investigate empirically the effects of deploying such

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An Examination of the Public Transport Information Requirements of Users

Abstract: This paper focuses on the provision of public transport information in Dublin, Ireland. It examines both existing and potential methods of accessing information, with particular focus on the implementation of various intelligent transport systems applications. One of the main

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Dynamic at-stop real-time information displays for public transport: effects on customers

Abstract: Dynamic at-stop real-time information displays are becoming more and more ubiquitous in modern public transport. Reactions and attitudes towards these systems are very positive. But there is a need to provide a comprehensive framework of the possible effects that

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Passenger Wait Time Perceptions at Bus Stops: Empirical Results and Impact on Evaluating Real-Time Bus Arrival Information

Abstract: This study quantifies the relationship between perceived and actual waiting times experienced by passengers awaiting the arrival of a bus at a bus stop. Understanding such a relationship would be useful in quantifying the value of providing real-time information

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